Run 1633

Sunday 5 June 2022

The Crown, Northill

Hares: Shuffle Cock & Nicey


Hares assisted by Rudi

Blow up duck spotting

Nicey ensures all safely gathered in

FRBs to the back

Edwina went for brolly, Good Head chose Jack

Gorjoyce stops for Jubilee chocolate

Alternative Hares tussle

Huddling in exclusive tent at The Crown

RAs prepare to punish each other ...

... and Edwina for galant brolly bmuming

Minja milked her Cheeky Choc Bar ...

... with help from Lulu ...

... a drink and ...

... strategically placed kit

It was a lovely sunny day when we set the hash, Nicey had great fun placing loads of false trails, on-ons and arrows marking the route. Shame then that typical bank holiday weather took over and it chucked it down between setting and running, so most of the marks were gone and Nicey was upset at this.

14 brave or foolish hashers (you decide) didn't let the rain deter them and set out on the hash. There was a faller almost straight away, GoodHead being felled by her dog. Minja was next to come a cropper, being told off by Nicey for going onto private land. The run was damp, moist, wet, take your pick or use your own adjective for rain. The view check of Sandy transmitter, next to the slurry pit, was just a view of rain, and you could just about make out Shuttleworth.

Once back, cakes courtesy of Frau were eaten, very nice and just enough left over for Sunday dinner dessert. When it came to the down-downs, Nicey followed in his sister's footsteps and hid when it came time to come into the circle (I can still remember Skippy hiding behind a tree at The Strathmore Arms in St Pauls Walden when she was a similar age). The RA's seemed to award each other down-downs & Edwina was, for once, chastised instead of being told off for chivalry. And Good Head was awarded the Golden Plunger for early plunging.

This is all going to be put together for Nicey to take to school for "Show and Tell", thankfully his headmistress knows Submissive so it won't be a complete shock.