Run 1634

Monday 13 June 2022

The Drover's Arms, Steppingley

Hares: Forking (in absentia) & Rapid


Missing hare suns himself in Aberdeen

Stand in assistant Hare

Setting off in style

Willow shows Pinky & Perky where to go

Runners rejoin pack after first loop

Blowers steps out from his abode to see what all the noise is

Absent Hare spotted

Blowers Beer in hand

Minja and Lulu check for any leaks

Punishment for Pinky

Jamrag chastised

Abettin' drinks too

It was a lovely evening for the trail, and with Forking joining the Aberdeen hash it was Rapid who pointed the group in the right direction.

We had set the trail on Sunday, enjoying a beer stop at the French Horn en route. Originally we planned a rear exit from the Drover's Arms, similar to the Gispert run in 2014, but the path had somewhat overgrown since it was checked out. So a rethink saw us head up the road to pick up the out trail.

Not yet running, Rapid provided a map and directions to the FRBs and kept the Knitting Circle on track. All worked well with 2 extra loops enabling the runners to rejoin the walkers by the impressive gated house or chez Blowfelt as we know it. A stroll back via the French Horn, but no time to stop this evening as curry was calling, as did Forking to let us know he was having a good time with his new friends.

A quick circle, after Abettin almost did a Capt F with his car keys, and then food. The restaurant has a great selection of dishes and provided gluten and dairy free fare as well as the traditional, and not so traditional - none of us were tempted by the ostrich korma.

Next week Jammers takes us to North Crawley.

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