Run 1635

Monday 20 June 2022

The Cock Inn, North Crawley

Hares: Jamrag & Perky

HASHERS: 19  MUTTS: 3  MK: Loads

The North Crawley Cock

The Pack gathers with excitement

Jammers gets taken short

FRBs search for the Knitting Circle

Forking returns in style

Strange markings confuse the walkers

Cocky meets a big cock

The circle forms

RAs prepare their amercements

Hares rewarded

Birthday and Anniversary celebrated

Cocky and Minja have a beer each


Titanic run award from MK

10 runs for Pinky

250 runs for Catch It

Good Head catches the pox

Lady P asks Edwina for a dance

Twas brillig, and the slithy FRBs
Did stretch and gimble in the carpark,
All mimsy were the knitting circle,
And the p*ssheads outgrabe

Beware the Jammers hash my son!
The checks that bite, the fishhooks that catch!
Beware the Perky bird, and shun
The frumious false trails…

(with a nod and apologies to Lewis Carroll)

Parking proved a bit of a problem at The Cock in North Crawley for the combined packs of the MKH3 and H5. A sizeable assembly of both walkers and runners gathered for the circle, and the weather was, quite frankly, spiffing! Trail was 3 and on, walkers with Perky, check it out, and chaos ensued as the hash dispersed in every direction. Eventually managed to get everyone out of the village heading north to Little Crawley, with Lulu clearly intent on getting 10k under his belt by running the full circuit of the green.

The runners and walkers parted company in Little Crawley with Rapid & Minja leading the FRBs up towards Chicheley Hall to a series of fishhooks, which both the participating RAs elected to ignore – "one rule for them" like BoJo. Good Head discovered a t*rd deposited squarely in the middle of a check circle – I’ll swear it wasn’t Taitty – Zing-a-long was the first to the check. The pack took a false trail to take in an awesome view of Chicheley Hall in the foreground and the skyline profile of Milton Keynes in the setting sun, before returning eventually to the main trail which led back to Little Crawley. Surprisingly soon after that we caught up with the knitting circle, and led a few of them on a deviation which led back on inn across a delightful set of stiles that traversed the gardens of Crawley Grange.

Big circle saw the MK hash offering small plastic cups of the cheapest beer available, in competition? with H5 offering half pints of the Brakspears on tap. Needless to say the hares took their punishment from H5. Flaps and a newbie were punished for being competitive, Forking handed out some indecipherable admonishments, Pinky & Catch It gained appropriate awards for their longevity, and Captain F, Arseover & Doggie Bag celebrated anniversaries.

On on to the Crown in Flitwick, where Minja and Blowfelt plan to entertain us...

Jammers & Perky