Run 1636

Monday 27 June 2022

The Crown, Flitwick

Hares: Blowfelt & Minja


7th visit to The Crown

Bangers would approve

Double (B)Entry

Missing a monkey

The pack pose

Forking's birthday present ?

Our Hares

Capt F tries to inflict more damage

Birthday boy

Abettin hangs his head in shame

"Stinger" Jamrag

Good Head keeps up the RA tradition

Sunny but blustery conditions at The Crown for Hash 1636 where the majority were runners and just four walkers. Everyone was very happy to see Double Entry after quite a while, and we all wished Forking a very happy Heinz 57 variety birthday!

A rather quick circle (for a change, Captain F running out of jokes?) and we were on-out. The pack split checking out various directions before we all headed up Station Road. Good Head was chatting to Minja at the back when Blowfelt gave her a nudge to remind her to catch up with the FRBs who were barely visible on the horizon. First re-herding done, the runners and walkers were on the same trail. It wasn’t long until the FRBs were off down a falsie heading towards the railway tunnel, Minja near the back again was expecting them to find a bar and turn back…the bar was no longer visible so a combination of shouting on-back and running to catch them up resulted in a second re-herding!

We left the streets of Flitwick behind as the trail led the pack down overgrown nettle-fringed paths and into Flitwick Moor. We passed the gate that Cyclopath made famous by vaulting over a couple of years ago. Somewhere along the way Jamrag fell victim to a low-hanging bramble which drew blood on top of his head – oh the dangers of losing your hair! Other obstacles including fallen trees and holes were avoided by all.

While the pack were holding/resting on a bench we all posed for a birthday photo for Forking. A high-pitched squeal gave us all a shock as we thought a bum had been pinched, but poor Good Head had been stung by a nettle that Jamrag had "disturbed". We all agreed Good Head would have preferred a pinch on the bum! Catch-It spotted some wildlife as a frog jumped from shoe to shoe and into the safety of the vegetation. The trial led us away from Flitwick Moor, across a barley field and On-Inn back to The Crown.

Blowfelt was very adventurous and tried the Golden Adventurer Ale, he wondered why everyone else had a different coloured beer before realising how strong the adventurer was, and the ale! In the circle DE said it was the best (and worst) trail she had been on this year!

Down downs awarded to Abettin' for his orienteering compass malfunction, Jamrag the ‘stinger’ for stinging Good Head with a massive nettle and Good Head for chatting to Minja and distracting her from Hare duties. Zingalong nearly got a down down for volunteering to do a run back that had been washed away by the rain, only to moan he had to run back!

Next week’s Hash is at The Griffin in Toddington for Ringer’s birthday run with Rapid!

On-on! Minja & Blowfelt