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The Hare and Hounds Hash House Harriers run every week from a different pub in the Bedfordshire/North Herts area. Runs start in the autumn/winter/spring months on Sunday at 11.00am and in summer months on Monday evening at 7.30pm. New runners and drinkers are always welcome.

Contact us: email info@h5hashers.org.uk

In addition to the weekly run we have a social calendar throughout the year

Regular Items

Next run is Run 1387

Sunday 24 September - The Golden Lion, Clifton SG17 5ES

If you are planning to bake a cake for this or any other run, please let our cake 'Master Baker' Frau know by text.

Dog owners please note that while H5 welcomes dogs to the Hash, owners are reminded that they are responsible for the actions of their dogs and that any third party claims arising will be directed to the individual.

Receding Hareline

parody of Lord Kitchener's recruiting poster

Hash Trash

The Words from H5

Hares email your Words to Scribe by Wednesday: wurdz@h5hashers.org.uk

Next Event

Mon-Sun 18-24 September

La Maison, Villegailhenc, CarcassonneAway Week at Carcassonne

7 days relaxing in the sun at La Maison, Villegailhenc

Hot News

Farewell Funky Gibbon

Label and logo of Morland Brewery Old Speckled HenIt being nearly the end of September, the H5 Year of the Funky Gibbon draws to a close and we look forward to cocking a doodle at our incoming Beer Year, the Year of the Speckled Hen

Best Post-run Cake

Dorset Apple Cake

What's the runners' favourite post-run cake?

Red Velvet? Carrot? Coffee&Walnut?

Click/tap the pic to find out

Diary Dates

Saturday 7 October

Croquet balls and hoopBowls and Croquet Day

Organiser: Bangers

11am to 4pm, with a Bangers 'n' mash lunch

Fri-Sun 27-29 October

Halloween costumeNik-Nak and Lady P have scary plans for Halloween...

Weekend in a spooky remote farmhouse at Longnor, Derbyshire

Other Hash Events

2018: Montenegro

Lady P is putting together a proposal for a hash holiday to Montenegro, probably in September 2018

Early days yet; more details when we have them

In Other News

As Opposed to the Other Sort...

Sign saying Uneven Cobbles

Hasher Stats

Embroidered H5 logoWant to know how many runs you've done this year? In total? How many times as a hare?

Stats updated monthly (latest: 16 Sep)

Charity Donations

Thanks to our yummy cake-bakers...

... we are pleased to raise funds for various charities in which H5 members have expressed a personal interest

Postcards from the Hedge

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