You Asked...

How long do runs last and how far do you run?

Runs last about 1–1¼hr, in which time we usually cover between 3 and 4 miles

Do I need to be fit?

DEFINITELY NOT. We are social runners, more like joggers and walkers really

How often do you run?

There is a run every week, whatever the weather.

For most of the year, runs are on Sunday mornings, starting at 11am. During a few weeks of the summer months we run on Monday evenings, starting at 7:30pm. See the Receding Hareline page for exact dates

What should I wear?

Anything you will be comfortable running in, so long as you don't mind getting a bit of mud (known as Shiggy – see the Glossary of Hashing Terms) on it now and again. Old trainers are recommended

How do I join a Hash?

Just turn up about 15 mins before the start of a run. Most runs are circular, starting and finishing at a pub. One of our members will spot you as a Newie and come and introduce themselves to you. We are a very friendly group.

A list of upcoming runs can always be found on our Receding Hareline page, which includes a link to a map showing the location of the pub

Do I have to pay a membership fee?

No, there are no annual fees. We just pay £2 for each run we turn up to, and your first run is FREE

Do you run on roads or on grass?

Most of our runs are on public footpaths and bridleways, but also some pavements around towns

Can I bring the kids and/or the dog?

Yes. we are a family-friendly hash, so kids (aka Ankle Biters) and four-legged members of the family (aka Mutts) are also welcome.

We would however draw your attention to the following disclaimer as published on the front page of the website:

'Dog owners please note that while H5 welcomes dogs to the Hash, owners are reminded that they are responsible for the actions of their dogs and that any third party claims arising will be directed to the individual'