Charity Donations

H5 supports local charities and/or causes in which H5 members have a personal interest. As well as periodic donations made from Hash funds, we also raise money post-run by selling portions of the most scrummy cakes imaginable, all made by our very own team of Cake Bakers, lead by "Master Bakers" (don't say it too quickly) Lady P and Catch IT.

Cake Policy

Our illustrious Cake Bakers bring their edible wares to runs, where they are eagerly scoffed by hashers in exchange for a donation of some coin of the realm. When the money dropped in The M (our Cake Charity Pot, shown left) exceeds £100, a donation of £100 is made to one of our supported charities, selected by the Master Bakers and Mismanagement in rotation.

The causes we have supported over the years include: